Patient Participation Group

This is a group of registered patients interested in supporting the practice. They meet monthly, here at the practice, with members of the practice team.

Anybody interested in attending a meeting will be welcome. The only criteria is that you are registered patient at the practice.

Patient Participation Report 2015

How to Join our Patient Participation Group.

All registered patients are welcome to attend any meeting without giving prior notice. Dates and times are available on the website and on the notice board in the waiting room. If you are interested but cannot/do not want to attend meetings please contact reception and let them know your full name and email address, or alternatively complete the form below. You will be added to our mailing list and contacted from time to time to discuss:

    • The services being delivered/commissioned by the Practice
    • Convenience of access (hours of opening)
    • Modes of contact with the Practice (e.g., face to face, telephone, electronic etc.)
    • New services that are required by the patient community
    • Put forward priority ideas and solutions in regard to identified concerns